For starters, heng99 isn’t exactly new but the company is only as old as the dilberts that inhabit it. Heng99 have a pretty impressive lineup of products and services to boot including the mobile ad-free app and an ad-free app store. The ad-free app has the audacity of being featured on the iOS and Android platforms, in addition to Windows Phone. That’s a lot of mobile marketing muscle to get your hands on. heng99 also boasts a slick customer service department, something that goes a long way in the mobile ad industry.

Aside from the mobile ad-free app, the company has a suite of mobile ad-free apps to choose from, from text to video ads, there is a product to fit your needs. heng99 is a member of the App Store Developer program, so if you’re an iOS or Android user, you’re in good hands. You’ll even have the option of a free ad-free app if you are in the market for a new mobile device. This makes them a one-stop shop for all your digital advertising needs. From there, they’ll help you build your ad-free mobile marketing strategy for the rest of your life. heng99 is a proven winner and one to watch for future mobile ad innovation.