A settee is a long, narrow seat with a back and can seat two people, preferably in a reclined position. The earliest settees date back to the seventeenth century, and usually came as part of a set of chairs. Throughout the years, the settee has changed in shape and style. Today, settees are popular pieces of furniture for the living room.

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While the settee was originally used as a seat, the modern settee is a more practical piece of furniture. Its backrest can be lowered to create a bed. It is often used in matched sets with matching chairs. In a contemporary living room, a settee can replace a sectional or a coffee table. Its settee can be upholstered in the same corduroy fabric as a pair of trousers.

Despite the settee’s historical roots, it is now available in solid, neutral colors that blend well with any style. Many modern settees feature minimal detailing, sleek edges and few weapons. This makes them ideal for contemporary or monochromatic rooms. However, if you’re looking to add some color to your room, a red settee can make a bold accent piece. You can also opt for a traditional, handcrafted Windsor settee to complement a neutral color scheme.

Once upon a time, Anna was sitting on a settee with her sister. They were holding a lively discussion and it appeared that they were quarreling. เวปเศรษฐี was wearing a grey dressing gown and a short cluster of black curls on her round head. Betsy was staring at the settee, trying to determine what Anna was referring to. The two of them began arguing in a very animated manner. The little boy then slipped into the corner of the settee and was unable to stop their conversation.