Founded in 2005, the Wei Heng 99 Cents Store is one of the better stocked retail establishments in New York City. It specializes in Chinese inspired fashions and accessories. Its annual sales top out at about 102,000. It is also the only retailer to have a website devoted to Chinese fashion. The website is a fusion of a traditional Chinese store with the conveniences of a department store.

HENG99 has been around for a few years but the company was founded in 2005, the year of the comma. They are a Singapore-based company with an office in the Big Apple. They have a slew of award winning products, from thongs to men’s underwear. They also sell an interesting line of women’s clothing. The company also has a number of tiered stores, including a flagship shop on Fifth Avenue. Their website also boasts a mobile app, in addition to their usual online ordering methods. It tries to be all things to all people. Their motto is to “keep your business local.” They also have an active Facebook page and a Twitter account. They are currently in the throes of a redesign, with a new look to come in the near future. They have a small but mighty team of professionals dedicated to providing quality customer service. They have a few new products in the works, including a line of undergarments and accessories. The newest offerings are on display, along with a few vintage favorites.